Hello! 🐢

My name is Crista Falk.

I am a graduate student at Tufts University working in the Multisensory Perception Lab. In the lab, I work to quantify how how our postural expectations affect our body's position in the absense of attention to other sensory signals.

Prior to my PhD, I completed my Bachelor's degree at MIT ('23') studying Computation and Cognition alongside a minor in Music. During this time I worked as a software engineer and researcher in areas such as ML and infant locomotion.

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, and I come from a first-generation, low SES background. I am very passionate about removing social and financial barriers to academia.

What am I up to now? 🐖

Come (virtually) visit the lab.

Check out a recent blog post I wrote concerning being first gen at grad school.

Curriculum Vitae 🐝

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First Year Graduate Student @ Tufts University

Joint PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science

STEMCREW leader for Girlstart afterschool program (Healy Elementary)

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